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Taking The Steps Needed And Recognizing Our Success

Sacred Rebels Oracle and The Bellydance Treasure Pack

It is imperative to our success that we understand that when we embark on a creative journey it is just that, a journey. As they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Constant forward motion toward a goal will eventually lead to success. At some point we are able to build up so much momentum that it spills forth into abundance,  affecting our life and the lives of others.

When it comes to dancing or any other creative endeavor, we are often scared to put ourselves out there. There is great fear in showing the world who we are at the present moment. Perfectionism often leads to blocks which are difficult to overcome.  We are always growing and evolving and must  be willing to put ourselves out there even when we see ourselves as less than perfect. That does not mean that we should not train, prepare, or perform at a time when we are able to showcase what we are made of.  It means that we must realize that to reach a point of success, we must take our first steps of putting forth our current greatness out into the world. 

We should focus on what creates our blocks when it comes to letting ourselves shine. Is it fear of what others will think of us? Is the judgment of our abilities based on reality, or are we being our own worst critic? We should be prepared and willing to grow and learn but we should also be equally willing to share this growth and learning with others. When the time of doubt creeps in and paralyzes our forward movement we should engage in the behavior that allows us to break past these illusions and self made barriers. We should engage in the activities that allow us to cultivate a strong belief in ourselves and acknowledge what we can bring to others.

New Beginnings: New Year Oracle Guidance

It is time to start the year off with a reading to in reference  to creative prospects that we have in store for us when it comes to the many blessings and challenges we must accept and face head on. Starting out the year gently with the Oracle of Angels.

We start the reading off with the card Growing which represents the growth that we have experienced so far as creators. There is still so much growth ahead and the fact that we have come so far is a good sign of the creative leaps and bounds we will be capable of in the year to come.

Harmony represents how we radiate energy out and how that affects not only us but our surroundings. This in turn will bring in new opportunities which will help guide us in our new year. The most solid foundation is that which we carry within us. It is the skill, and knowledge and spiritual understanding that will always remain. This is what has been nurtured from the growth we have experienced. When we radiate out with positivity and good intentions the universe rewards us with new opportunities and experiences that allow us to shine our light and help others.

Infinite potential represents our ability to soar to new heights we thought we were incapable of not to long ago. It is the growth and inner harmony that allows us this ability to look from a new perspective and expect more from ourselves. Our potential is unlimited. Let us make the most of this in the new year. Let us be more positive and supportive of ourselves and others and in this way we can only dream of what will be within our grasp within the near future.

From the Fairy Tale Lenormand we have the Lillies. This card reminds us that time plays a role in what we achieve and when this occurs. Sometimes patience is needed. This feeds a lot into the role of our personal spiritual growth. The patience of the frog prince to be seen for more that what he appears in order for his transformation to be possible is a valuable lesson for us to contemplate. Sometimes time, patience, presence and understanding is needed for the universe to work its magic into our lives.

Bringing Our Creations to Life

As artists we often feel blocked or experience doubt when it comes to embracing and sharing our art. When this happens we have to find a way to connect with ourselves to find that inner courage to keep going. The above reading shows us the needed energies to embrace during such a time.

Come to Life from the Sacred Rebels Oracle speaks of the need to bring forth our ideas into creation, to make those ideas tangible or to add to them the necessary elements that will allow them to flourish. To become art, the ideas must be translated into the physical realm and then shared with others. Only after truely spending time with our creations and growing with them through the creative process do we experience the greatness of our art and our creative souls.

Letting Go, from the House of Night Oracle, reminds us of a very important step in the process of creation. We must let go and let the process of art take over. This is the true magic of art. When our expectations of what we saw in our mind's eye is transformed and evolves in front of our very eyes. It is this connection that brings the magic of creation into our artistic endeavors. We can only reach this point by letting go and letting the process happen. Letting go is also a very important step in sharing our art. Many times as artists we get caught up in what others think and start comparing our art to the art of others. It is at this point in time where stepping away and just letting go is most important. Create, share, and let go. Revise if necessary when the time is right, but you must learn to let go as an artist.

Crystal Visions' Seven of Pentacles shows us that we should be able to stop, rest, and admire how far we have gotten to better get a sense of where we are going. This card reminds us of all the hard work we have put in and the patience that is needed before we can harvest our results. When we take a step back and look at all our accomplishments, it allows us to gain a clearer picture of what we have done and what we can expect from ourselves in the future. It is during this time of patient reflection that we can feel good about the things we have done and meditate on the what accomplishments we would like to manifest. It also allows us clarity in seeing what steps we need to take to aid the flow of our current works while getting ready for our harvest.

Whispers of Lord Ganesha's Splendor card speaks to the need of being present in the moment and appreciating all the beauty that is around us. We can apply this to our art with the Seven of Pentacles and see how well these aspects work together. While waiting patiently for your artistic creations or achievements to come to fruition it is necessary that we appreciate the beauty of our process and our manifestations. Taking the time to "smell the roses" and appreciate the beauty around us also refers to inspiration, and the many ways we bring inspiration into our lives and how that will later affect our future projects.

So if you start to feel blocked in your artistic expression, remember to spend more time being present with your art and allowing it to manifest itself through your creative flow. Let go of the negativity surrounding you concerning your art at this time. Take a look at all your accomplishments and how far you have come as an artist including your current work. Don't forget to take this time to inspire yourself through whatever means works for you. To get past the negative loop of self doubt and sabotage you must first remove yourself by being present with your work. Let go and allow the creative forces work miracles in your life.

Ten of Wands: Multiple Creative Pursuits on the Road to Success

The Ten of Wands card of the tarot represents the way in which many creative people handle their passions and pursuits. In most traditional Rider Waite type imagery we have a man who is very dedicated to taking a bundle of wands with him on his way toward his destination off in the distance. Many artist understand what it is to have this constantly come up in their lives. While this card also represents physical exertion, I am approaching this entry from a creative lens. I will also add that many physical aspects also relate to creativity and the artistic life.  

Ten of Wands depicted in the Robin Wood Tarot, Tarot Illuminati, and Tarot of Divine Legacy 

When looking at this image in the Robin Wood Tarot we see the traditional figure of the man with his burdensome wands while he walks along a path. In the far distance there is a landscape of mountains in which there is a village in sight. That is the goal and destination that the man is trying to reach. The wands are of fire and creation. Viewing this card with a creative lens, the wands represent all creative pursuits. In my personal experience this refers to all my different art projects such as my illustration, photo manipulation, dancing, sewing, jewelry and every other way in which my art manifests itself. When looking at the wands themselves different people will see different things that connect them to the card and their own personal experiences. In this deck we see a more traditional looking wand. One way in which I experience this depiction is to connect it to the pen for my tablet that I use for my digital art creations. The wands can remind us of other creative tools which are different for every person experiencing the tarot in their own way. Taking another look at the person in the image, he is very dedicated to getting to his destination with all of his wands and it feels like he will reach his goal, he may need to take time rest, recoup, and readjust his bundle to get a better view of his destination, but he will get there, it is only a matter of time.

In the Tarot Illuminati we see the same type of character yet with a slightly different depiction. We have a large tower instead of the village. The destination is closer than the far off village of the other deck, however there are stairs leading up to the building. This gives the idea of upward movement, taking the steps needed to take you upward in life. He has less of a sturdy grip and will have to pause from time to time to readjust but he is still determined. The goal is not that far and is attainable. The representation of the keys in this deck feels more metallic and they remind me of keys. As if they are the many keys he is taking to the tower to unlock the many doors to success, especially when you take into account the stairs and the upward movement also pointing to the idea of success and the reaching of ones goals.

The image in the Legacy of the Divine Tarot depicts a man crawling on the ground with the wands strapped to his back. He is very determined putting in the hard work with a very heavy burdened load. It is hard to see his destination but it is very clear that it is of great importance that he get there with this wands in tact. There are many who feel this way when they take on a lot of activities and look at all that needs to be done and start to experience great stress. When we look at the whole of our journey all at once it does feel this way, a very oppressive burdensome journey. The risk of looking at our situation in such a way results in the good chance that we give up. At this point we need to stop, look at how to approach things in a step by step manner. This will have us feeling more optimistic and will lead to a more healthy way of working and engaging the creative process.

We must remember that when we take on many projects or balance many passions that we take time to readjust to get a clearer picture of where we are on our journey and how to successfully meet our goals. I do this through spiritual practice and connecting with the divine. I believe that the spiritual realm is closely related to art and life as a creative cycle. It is getting in contact with this connection that we get a clearer picture of where we are going in life and what it takes to be successful. If we let things become overbearing and oppressive we are likely not to reach our destination or having a hard time seeing where we are going. Take time and connect to the tarot through meditation as a tool to reconnect to our lives and creative cycles. By doing this we will be able to assess where we are in our life allowing for better clarity. This will allow us better control over our life and therefore giving us the keys to success.


Connecting To Spiritual Serenity

Sometimes it is necessary to slow down, and take time away from the things that cause us blocks. As artists we need to find balance in our lives. Part of this cycle is to take time and purify ourselves from the inside out. Spiritually minded artists know how important this is to removing blocks and moving forward with projects, goals, and life as a whole.

Peace and serenity can be found all around us in nature. It is through the rawest forms of nature that we start to feel cleansed and purified. These are the energies present in this crystal mandala. Rose quartz and angelite are known for their soft, loving, and comforting energies. Amethyst is felt as a healing stone along with the spiritual insight it brings. Sodalite is another clearing and purifying stone and fluorite brings with it the focus needed to amplify the surrounding energies. Peacock pyrite brings a fresh outlook while stimulating the spirit to reach new horizons and increases enjoyment in the present moment. This powerful combination results in a good meditation to usher in new beginnings. When healing and clarity are needed, meditating with these stones in their formation also allows the energy to flow outward blessing those in its contact.

Clearing our energy, increasing our intake of plant based foods, and surrounding ourselves with more gentle energies and surroundings. Salt and cleansing herbal baths are also good a this time, allowing us to remove the stagnant energy and transform it into positive potential. Get out into nature and focus on your breathing and quieting the mind as much as your environment will allow. It is during this time of cleansing and renewal that we will not only be recharged, we will have more clear and balanced perspective on life. During this process we will also increase our potential and therefore our powers of manifestation which we will project out into the world when we are fully ready to do so.

Infusing spirituality in art seems to be natural to the form. Art in itself is an active form of meditation. We lose ourselves in the flow when we are in the act of creation. To bring spirituality to our art and use it as a healing and connective tool only makes sense once we understand the connection of the two. Immerse yourself in your art, your practice, and the ever abundant flow of life.

Catching Up And Tuning in

When I am honest with myself, I understand that it is when you take break and reconnect with yourself that is when the breakthroughs occur. I understand that I had to take some time and reflect about what it is that gets my creativity going, to reconnect to who I am as an artist. Having completed my University journey, I can now create art that reflects who I am as an artist and designer. To tap into what it is that gives me my personal drive. Because of this many changes to the site and content will be made. Instead of designing for professors, I am now designing for the artistic projects that I want to bring into my life. Another aspect of this is really opening up to sharing my content with the rest of the world. Something that can still be intimidating for even the most seasoned artist. Since I work with multiple mediums I will try to display my content in a more cohesive way and try to work around a theme as best as possible. However, that may at times be challenging as art often manifests in different ways at different times. I will make the commitment to further explore my inner art world and bring it to the world as best I can. There will be many updates, along with these a more consistent blog presence featuring my preferred creative and spiritual outlets.

Fantastical Journeys Has Arrived.

 It has been a week or so since Fantastical Journeys has arrived. I am pleased with the outcome and plan on only making a few images before it is available for sale through Blurb at For now the major phases are completed and will post any more I have to update of the project and its further progress on this blog. 

Fantastical Journeys Printing Process

After much time and deliberation, Fantastical Journeys is now on its way to the printing press. There were some alterations due to the conversion needs of the printer, however, the PDF looked good in preview and I look forward to it's arrival in the next few weeks.

Fantastical Journeys

Fantastical Journeys is a book illustrated with fantasy imagery and narrative. The illustrations are colorful and whimsical.  They take us to worlds beyond our own and introduce us to the creatures we would be most likely to find in such realms. Many of these characters are based on traditional fairy tale creatures such as fairies, mermaids, unicorns and the like.  Others go beyond what we know often fusing creatures or their environments together. Dancing is also celebrated as it is a way to connect us with our imagination and is a vehicle in which we enter into these new and fantastical realms. The book is currently in its finishing stages and will be sent to the printers at the beginning of next week.