Fantastical Souls

Catching Up And Tuning in

When I am honest with myself, I understand that it is when you take break and reconnect with yourself that is when the breakthroughs occur. I understand that I had to take some time and reflect about what it is that gets my creativity going, to reconnect to who I am as an artist. Having completed my University journey, I can now create art that reflects who I am as an artist and designer. To tap into what it is that gives me my personal drive. Because of this many changes to the site and content will be made. Instead of designing for professors, I am now designing for the artistic projects that I want to bring into my life. Another aspect of this is really opening up to sharing my content with the rest of the world. Something that can still be intimidating for even the most seasoned artist. Since I work with multiple mediums I will try to display my content in a more cohesive way and try to work around a theme as best as possible. However, that may at times be challenging as art often manifests in different ways at different times. I will make the commitment to further explore my inner art world and bring it to the world as best I can. There will be many updates, along with these a more consistent blog presence featuring my preferred creative and spiritual outlets.