Fantastical Souls

New Beginnings: New Year Oracle Guidance

It is time to start the year off with a reading to in reference  to creative prospects that we have in store for us when it comes to the many blessings and challenges we must accept and face head on. Starting out the year gently with the Oracle of Angels.

We start the reading off with the card Growing which represents the growth that we have experienced so far as creators. There is still so much growth ahead and the fact that we have come so far is a good sign of the creative leaps and bounds we will be capable of in the year to come.

Harmony represents how we radiate energy out and how that affects not only us but our surroundings. This in turn will bring in new opportunities which will help guide us in our new year. The most solid foundation is that which we carry within us. It is the skill, and knowledge and spiritual understanding that will always remain. This is what has been nurtured from the growth we have experienced. When we radiate out with positivity and good intentions the universe rewards us with new opportunities and experiences that allow us to shine our light and help others.

Infinite potential represents our ability to soar to new heights we thought we were incapable of not to long ago. It is the growth and inner harmony that allows us this ability to look from a new perspective and expect more from ourselves. Our potential is unlimited. Let us make the most of this in the new year. Let us be more positive and supportive of ourselves and others and in this way we can only dream of what will be within our grasp within the near future.

From the Fairy Tale Lenormand we have the Lillies. This card reminds us that time plays a role in what we achieve and when this occurs. Sometimes patience is needed. This feeds a lot into the role of our personal spiritual growth. The patience of the frog prince to be seen for more that what he appears in order for his transformation to be possible is a valuable lesson for us to contemplate. Sometimes time, patience, presence and understanding is needed for the universe to work its magic into our lives.