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Taking The Steps Needed And Recognizing Our Success

Sacred Rebels Oracle and The Bellydance Treasure Pack

It is imperative to our success that we understand that when we embark on a creative journey it is just that, a journey. As they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Constant forward motion toward a goal will eventually lead to success. At some point we are able to build up so much momentum that it spills forth into abundance,  affecting our life and the lives of others.

When it comes to dancing or any other creative endeavor, we are often scared to put ourselves out there. There is great fear in showing the world who we are at the present moment. Perfectionism often leads to blocks which are difficult to overcome.  We are always growing and evolving and must  be willing to put ourselves out there even when we see ourselves as less than perfect. That does not mean that we should not train, prepare, or perform at a time when we are able to showcase what we are made of.  It means that we must realize that to reach a point of success, we must take our first steps of putting forth our current greatness out into the world. 

We should focus on what creates our blocks when it comes to letting ourselves shine. Is it fear of what others will think of us? Is the judgment of our abilities based on reality, or are we being our own worst critic? We should be prepared and willing to grow and learn but we should also be equally willing to share this growth and learning with others. When the time of doubt creeps in and paralyzes our forward movement we should engage in the behavior that allows us to break past these illusions and self made barriers. We should engage in the activities that allow us to cultivate a strong belief in ourselves and acknowledge what we can bring to others.