Fantastical Souls

Bringing Our Creations to Life

As artists we often feel blocked or experience doubt when it comes to embracing and sharing our art. When this happens we have to find a way to connect with ourselves to find that inner courage to keep going. The above reading shows us the needed energies to embrace during such a time.

Come to Life from the Sacred Rebels Oracle speaks of the need to bring forth our ideas into creation, to make those ideas tangible or to add to them the necessary elements that will allow them to flourish. To become art, the ideas must be translated into the physical realm and then shared with others. Only after truely spending time with our creations and growing with them through the creative process do we experience the greatness of our art and our creative souls.

Letting Go, from the House of Night Oracle, reminds us of a very important step in the process of creation. We must let go and let the process of art take over. This is the true magic of art. When our expectations of what we saw in our mind's eye is transformed and evolves in front of our very eyes. It is this connection that brings the magic of creation into our artistic endeavors. We can only reach this point by letting go and letting the process happen. Letting go is also a very important step in sharing our art. Many times as artists we get caught up in what others think and start comparing our art to the art of others. It is at this point in time where stepping away and just letting go is most important. Create, share, and let go. Revise if necessary when the time is right, but you must learn to let go as an artist.

Crystal Visions' Seven of Pentacles shows us that we should be able to stop, rest, and admire how far we have gotten to better get a sense of where we are going. This card reminds us of all the hard work we have put in and the patience that is needed before we can harvest our results. When we take a step back and look at all our accomplishments, it allows us to gain a clearer picture of what we have done and what we can expect from ourselves in the future. It is during this time of patient reflection that we can feel good about the things we have done and meditate on the what accomplishments we would like to manifest. It also allows us clarity in seeing what steps we need to take to aid the flow of our current works while getting ready for our harvest.

Whispers of Lord Ganesha's Splendor card speaks to the need of being present in the moment and appreciating all the beauty that is around us. We can apply this to our art with the Seven of Pentacles and see how well these aspects work together. While waiting patiently for your artistic creations or achievements to come to fruition it is necessary that we appreciate the beauty of our process and our manifestations. Taking the time to "smell the roses" and appreciate the beauty around us also refers to inspiration, and the many ways we bring inspiration into our lives and how that will later affect our future projects.

So if you start to feel blocked in your artistic expression, remember to spend more time being present with your art and allowing it to manifest itself through your creative flow. Let go of the negativity surrounding you concerning your art at this time. Take a look at all your accomplishments and how far you have come as an artist including your current work. Don't forget to take this time to inspire yourself through whatever means works for you. To get past the negative loop of self doubt and sabotage you must first remove yourself by being present with your work. Let go and allow the creative forces work miracles in your life.