Fantastical Souls

Connecting To Spiritual Serenity

Sometimes it is necessary to slow down, and take time away from the things that cause us blocks. As artists we need to find balance in our lives. Part of this cycle is to take time and purify ourselves from the inside out. Spiritually minded artists know how important this is to removing blocks and moving forward with projects, goals, and life as a whole.

Peace and serenity can be found all around us in nature. It is through the rawest forms of nature that we start to feel cleansed and purified. These are the energies present in this crystal mandala. Rose quartz and angelite are known for their soft, loving, and comforting energies. Amethyst is felt as a healing stone along with the spiritual insight it brings. Sodalite is another clearing and purifying stone and fluorite brings with it the focus needed to amplify the surrounding energies. Peacock pyrite brings a fresh outlook while stimulating the spirit to reach new horizons and increases enjoyment in the present moment. This powerful combination results in a good meditation to usher in new beginnings. When healing and clarity are needed, meditating with these stones in their formation also allows the energy to flow outward blessing those in its contact.

Clearing our energy, increasing our intake of plant based foods, and surrounding ourselves with more gentle energies and surroundings. Salt and cleansing herbal baths are also good a this time, allowing us to remove the stagnant energy and transform it into positive potential. Get out into nature and focus on your breathing and quieting the mind as much as your environment will allow. It is during this time of cleansing and renewal that we will not only be recharged, we will have more clear and balanced perspective on life. During this process we will also increase our potential and therefore our powers of manifestation which we will project out into the world when we are fully ready to do so.

Infusing spirituality in art seems to be natural to the form. Art in itself is an active form of meditation. We lose ourselves in the flow when we are in the act of creation. To bring spirituality to our art and use it as a healing and connective tool only makes sense once we understand the connection of the two. Immerse yourself in your art, your practice, and the ever abundant flow of life.