Eclectic Fantasy Oracle Deck 

Lakshmi of The Golden Palace. Created with Adobe Photoshop. A photo composite of over tweleve images to create a image of growth, flow, and abundance.

The idea is to enter a world of fantasy that takes in account religions and spiritualities throughout the world. Using the symbolism from these spiritual practices fused with a fantasy dream world we are able to look at our everyday problems in a new light. The focus is to connect to our higher selves through the oracle process

earth for earthqueen and catwoman basis.jpg

I decided to keep the grey silver color for the backing and add an embellishment to give it a decorative look, something anique and older. This is the same reason I chose a serif font to communicate this very idea and feeling. I didn't want anything too opaque that would interfere with the title. 



Inner Treasures. Created with Photoshop. Photo composite of over ten images to create this water atmosphere of inner reflections of the water element. Tarot symbolims will be used in this Oracle deck.

I am currently creating each image and will be posting  with more current updates. I am also writing the messages in the booklet. Depending on the size of the booklet there will be pages with information on the card, the different meanings, and some affirmations that go along with the imagery. 

Playing around with basic bottom border for the title. I  have no decided on a font yet and will solve that soon. There needs to be color in order to see the title. The corners will of course be rounded. I had thought about just using a number at the bottom and no titles but again it could have to be seen in the image so maybe a small section of color and just use titles and description in the book, however some people like the titles to guide their meanings. Looking into this and the book/booklet publicantion.

At the left is the backing image chosen. It fits with the art style, is abstract and meditative. I feel that this adds to the idea of connecting to the card before the draw. It has an reflective nature that captures the feeling of the overall deck which has a variety of diverse images.

First test print arrived. These are a few of the cards. The book is currently being written and designed and very few color corrections needed before it will be up for sell very soon.

Fantastical Journeys Illustrated Book

Fantastical Journeys is a illustrated book where we journey into the realm of fae. The story takes us through the many different places we go and the many fantastical creatures we come across during our travels. The idea is to capture the magic of the other worlds as we go deeper into the worlds of myth, legend, and dreams.

Volkswagen Redesign

Some full color segments of the art work in progress. Many of the content is cropped and was expanded to fit into the 10x8 landscape format.

Some views of the finished spread. Many of the original pieces have been expanded and modified to fit the landscape and spread landscape. Some backgrounds were simplified to aid in easier reading.




Concept sketches. Project in process

Concept and placement sketches for a decal redesign of a Volkswagen Bug. Vinyl adhesive decals of dice, number, and font design to be modeled after the Gee Bee racing plane.