Eclectic Fantasies Oracle 

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Deck and guidebook teaser

Top and front view of the box.

Three cards from the deck

Fantastical Journeys

The front cover design of the guidebook.

Front and side view of the box

The front and back cover of the guidebook

Raquissa Fusion Packaging and Branding

The boxes were designed to market zills and a scimitar, two products often used in such dance performances.  Of course the box content were imaginative as the size of the box and sword are incompatable.

Raquissa Fusion is a fictitious belly dance company that services the community through classes, performance, and products. Its target audience is young female dancers with a focus on the fusion elements in belly dance. The boxes were designed to market zills and a scimitar, two products often used in such dance performances.  

The image of the dancer above was used as the company logo. The idea was to capture the movement and grace of the dance within the logo adding to the feminine aspect of the company and its target demographic.

A tote bag that features the same logo design and can be found through Zazzle at Gypsy Stardust.

Book Cover and Page Layout

This student work was based around the concept of a musician and their CD and turning it into a book cover. The story was a fantasy romance. A young girl, bored with her life finds herself trapped in a dream world. She is faced with the choice of knowingly living in an illusion or returning to reality. The cover uses elements of portal and dream symbolism.

Hardcover Book MockUp Venus.png

Paper Dreams is the fictitious publishing company used in this assignment. They specialize in publishing fantasy novels.

Editorial Layouts

The Art of Belly Dance is a four page editorial spread about different type of fusion belly dance. The images used were of different types of costume styles used in the Tribal, Gothic, and Fusion styles. The overall idea of the layout was to have a cohesive feel with a mixture of full images and a playful mixture of patterns.

A City of Growth and Change is a two page editorial spread covering the city of Emeryville and the role art plays in its history and development to the present. The imagery used was a mixture of photographs of objects found throughout the city that made up the letters within the town's name.