My illustrations cover a range of imagery most often focusing on fantasy, world travel. and dance. Using bright colors and a fluid, flowy, and painterly style, I create worlds found in fantasy and dreams.

This illustration is an interpret Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of abundance and beauty. Here both of these aspects are presented through the painting and symbolism. Photoshop was used and the bright color was obtained though the brightness and contrast settings.


Earlier work 2012 An Illustration of a scene in a Japanese woman in a garden during the spring. Painted using Photoshop with varying brushes and opacities. 


Indian Elephant illustration created using Adobe Illustrator.

Ten of Pentacle naga belly dancer. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

An original black and white ink illustration pulled into Photoshop and altered. The focus of this Illustration was to capture the feeling and aesthetic of Gothic Belly Dance.

2012 A digital painting created through Photoshop picturing two Japanese women standing near a bridge in front of a lake in a cold rural setting. Alternate brushes and opacities used to accomplish the feel of texture and atmosphere.

Classical Indian dancer illustration with a focus on patterns. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Two classical Indian dancers dance in a palace rich patterns and colors. Created with Adobe Illustrator

Tropical bird perches in a beautiful floral tree. Created with Adobe Illustrator