Jewelry Design

A medium length adjustable necklace made of goldstone and clear golden seed beads leading to a bird resting in flowers.

A choker made of a strand of high quality garnet beads. The pendant is made up of a strong metallic backing with a beautiful garnet flower piece.

I create bell anklets made with semi precious stones and various types of bells. This allows us to tap into the energies of the air with the added healing energies of the stones used. 

Beaded Belly Dance Tops

 A long strand necklace made with black tear shaped and gold circular beads leading to Bastet.

A long string necklace of amethyst, blue goldstone, and blue and black round beads finished off with a beautiful owl pendant.


Dark Adventurine and tigerseye elactic bracelet with tourquoise colored buddah statues align crystal healing with energies of peace and serenity.

Beautiful burgandy belly dance top sewed with peacock and black colored seed beads along with other colorful assored beads

Black lepord print belly dance top with topaz and leopard colored beads making up the flower design and fringe.

Bright turquoise belly dance top with large colorful seed beads creating the flower design while turquoise and lavender round beads make up  the fringe.

Dark rich brown belly dance top with turquoise assorted beadwork.

Rainbow colored star beads and black seed and round beads adorn this colorful wild tiger stripped belly dance top.

Design Products

Black and white Illustrated belly dancer mug designed and sold through Zazzle at Gypsy Stardust

Black and red beaded top for a gothic tribal fusion look along with a number of asthetic possibabilites.

A goose swimming in a pond surrounded by roses, wildlife, and fluorite crystals adorns this magnet. Designed and sold through Zazzle at Gypsy Stardust.

Fairy in the flowers notebook. Designed and sold through Zazzle at Gypsy Stardust